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Omra offer

Omra offer

Subscribe in el Omrah Offer and enjoy five times the roaming Data bucket available in Saudi Arabia and a special rate for receiving calls LE 1.5 per minute while roaming in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan period.

How to get it?

  • For subscription press ‘Subscribe’
  • Dial #9# for free.
  • Call your customer service.


  • 5X the roaming Data bucket
  • LE 1.5 per minute for receiving calls
  • Eligibility
  • More Information
  • Eligible for all Orange customers

    • Roaming data bucket offer Quota:
    • Bucket Fees MBs
      Daily 20 LE 250
      Weekly 60 LE 1,000
      Monthly 250 LE 5,000
    • To benefit from the data offer you should subscribe in one of the available roaming data buckets in Saudi arabia.
    • Ensure you have active International & roaming service before subscribing to the offer.

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