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Internet 4X Promo

Internet 4X Promo

What you use today on 4G, you will get X4 tomorrow!

How to get it?



  • Eligibility
  • Terms and Conditions
    • Offer is available for all customers
    • To be able to enjoy the offer please ensure that your:
      • SIM & device are 4G enabled
      • Internet usage is on 4G
    • You should have a 4G SIM & 4G device and your internet usage is on 4G
    • In case you don’t have a 4G SIM or 4G device, you can replace your current SIM card for free with a 4G enabled one or buy a new 4G phone from the nearest Orange shop
    • Make sure that your 4G settings are enabled on your phone
    • To enjoy the offer, you need to subscribe by calling #4# each time
    • The free MBs are valid for one day. You can enjoy the offer up to 4 times/month
    • Maximum free MBs to be rewarded the next day are 250 MBs
    • Internet usage from any free MBs will not be rewarded
    • Customer can’t subscribe in more than one offer at the same time

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