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El Ged3an offer

El Ged3an offer

Enjoy this summer with Orange and get up to 30 times your recharge value as units to Orange valid till end of day, also what you consume today will get back to you the next day for 1 Piaster.

How to get it?

To subscribe, dial #012# for free before or after the recharge


1 Piaster for every consumed unit

  • Eligibility
  • Terms and Conditions
  • More Information
  • The offer is available to Alo, El Kart, Fox, Dolphin, El King, Panther & Dragon customers (Personal lines)

    • The first 10 times is free of charge & any extra usage costs 1 piaster/unit
    • Units that will be sent to you the next day you will be charged 1 piaster per consumed unit
    • Orange cash offer is valid for a limited period
    • EGP 10 from Orange cash is valid for 7 days
    • Terms, conditions and fees apply
    • The recharge bonus are units to be used as minutes to Orange & MBs
    • The bonus upon consumption is units to be used as minutes to Orange & MBs for 1 piaster for every consumed unit
    • The units are valid till end of day
    • Now you can reconnect your line or change your SIM card for free and get EGP 10 from Orange Cash when you subscribe in “El Ged3an Offer”

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