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8000 Offers

Go Bus جو باص

Go Bus:

Now Go Bus and Orange joint forces to offer Orange 8000 customers the best discount with GO Bus booking. Orange customers will enjoy 10% discount on all the bookings.

Go Bus offers routes to Hurghada, Marsa Allam, Sharm El Sheikh and Alexandria across a range of 24 hours. It also appoints spare cars midway on every route for any unexpected complications.


Go Bus Services:

Economy Class:
This bus is Air Conditioned and offers a movie throughout the trip.

First Class:
This service provides air-conditioned cars that are equipped with a video, bathroom and comfortable seats for the convenience of the customer in addition to a free snack, hospitality of Go Bus to the customer.

Deluxe Class:
This service provides an air-conditioned car that is equipped with a video player, and bathroom. Go Bus also offers a free snack on this service.

Royal Class:
This service provides cars that are air-conditioned, equipped with a video player, bathroom, and premium seats with a free meal and an attendant for free drinks. The trip on this bus is direct to the drop station, making the journey time minimalistic.

Elite Class service:
This service includes 31 seats, with an LCD installed in front of each seat for passengers to have the leisure of watching movies, accessing the satellite or listening to music. This bus also includes a snack with a stuartist serving tea, coffee and water.

Royal Plus Class:
This bus is air-conditioned and equipped with a bathroom. Its preferred for the distinctive and comfortable seats the bus offers. The journey is direct to the drop-off station, and an attendant is present on board to offer a free meal and drinks to the customers.

Business Class:
This class offers buses with luxurious wide seats and salons. This bus is oriented to have multiple four seats facing each other with a table in the middle. In addition to a salon at the end of the bus that holds 6 luxurious wide seats with a table in the middle. The journey is direct, with an attendant offering free drinks and a free meal.