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Orange Cash app, All Money Services in One Place

Orange Money

Orange Cash...Digital wallet to handle all your payments

Orange Cash application will help you control your money and pay your bills through the safest E-wallet, in no time and from anywhere.

Through the app:

  • Send and receive your money online.
  • Pay your Mobile bills, Electricity bills, Water bills, and Gas bills.
  • Recharge for yourself and others.
  • Transfer money through Meeza.
  • Donate easily through your mobile.
  • Manage your Orange Cash account easily through the application.

How to download the Orange Cash app?

Select your store button from above and download.

Supported OS versions:

  • iOS 9.0 and above
  • Android 4.2 and above

What are the service fees?

Orange Cash application is free.

How to register for Orange Cash app?

  • Visit and subscribe through any Orange shop.
  • Receive your pin code through an SMS.
  • Change your PIN code through #7115# or download the ‘Orange Cash’ application to manage your account from there.
  • Register on the application using the same username and password as My Orange account or choose to register for a new username and password if you’re not already registered.

Terms and conditions:

1- Application Installation:

1.1 - Orange Egypt Applications (that include Orange App, Orange Cash, or any application labeled/distributed by Orange Egypt) Should only be downloaded/installed from the following source:

1.1.1 - Apple store

1.1.2 - Google Play

1.2 - All Orange Egypt Application will be available and only trusted from these stores:

1.2.1 - Apple store

1.2.2 - Google Play

1.3 - Orange Egypt will not be responsible for any fraud cases that are not directly attributable to orange, including but not limited to the following cases

1.3.1 - Any apps that are downloaded from any other sources except that is mentioned in point 1.1 and 1.2

1.3.2 - Installation on rooted devices (Android) or Jailbroken devices (iOS)

1.3.3 Customer's misuse of the apps and/or services or any other unlawful misuse of the apps and/or services

By signing up to Orange App you accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy