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اورنچ كاش

Orange Money

The service makes your money easier to manage and closer to hand.

  • Send and Receive your money online anywhere in no time.
  • Pay your Mobile bill, Electricity bill, Water bill and Gas bill.
  • Recharge for yourself and others.
  • Transfer money through Meeza.
  • Donate easily through your mobile.
  • You can also manage your account easily through the application.

How to Download?

Select your store button from above and download.

Supported OS versions:

  • iOS 9.0 and above
  • Android 4.2 and above


the application is free

How to register

  • Subscribe through any Orange shop.
  • Receive your pin code through an SMS.
  • Change your PIN code through #115# or download the ‘Orange Cash’ application and manage your account from there.
  • Register on the application using the same username and password as My orange account or choose to register for a new username and password if you’re not already registered.