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Monday, January 11, 2021

After being officially announced and launched during Cairo ICT 2020 exhibition and conference, Orange Egypt Announces Details and Benefits of the First Integrated Virtual E-Commerce Platform “Orange e-MALL” for its Corporate and SME Clients

Orange Egypt has announced the details and benefits of its new virtual platform, Orange e-MALL, the first integrated electronic platform for customers targeting Orange corporate and SMEs customers in Egypt. The platform allows merchants to easily display their products and reach consumers anywhere in Egypt through exclusive services by Orange.

The newly integrated electronic platform “Orange e-MALL” is simply designed so that its customers do not require any pre-technical background to use, thus enabling quick access to the consumer's displayed products offered for sale by companies, merchants, producers, and distributors.

Orange e-MALL also offers many services for SMEs such as creating their website within minutes after selecting one of the different and distinctive designs in the platform, then uploading product photos and pricing to start offering them for sale to the public immediately.

Furthermore, the platform enables companies to follow up on their inventory and manage the purchase and delivery process with the customer. It also allows them to make offers, discounts, and awareness campaigns about their products through the platform.

Orange e-MALL platform includes all the commercial services that companies need to run and operate their businesses starting from marketing products, providing electronic payment or cash on delivery, or even relying on the Orange Cash service to transfer money. The platform also allows shipping products right to the consumer's doorstep in return for fees at competitive prices.

Orange e-MALL is considered the lowest cost ever to create an online store and reach out to the public and consumers; in addition that it supports the Arabic language for easy access and handling for merchants and consumers in Egypt.

Additionally, one of most important features of the platform is the provision of detailed reports for all exhibiting companies on their sales and store performance during fixed periods, in a way that helps them to know their financial conditions, take advantage of their points of excellence and recognize weaknesses if they exist. It also displays market status to handle its different seasons according to best marketing mechanisms.

Orange e-MALL is part of Orange Egypt ceaseless efforts to boost the country-led digital transformation process and provide the latest convenient, modern, and safe shopping for Egyptian consumers. In addition to providing fast, efficient and low-cost sales and marketing channels for Egyptian merchants and companies, especially startups.

This step comes in line with Orange's Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and its commitment to SMEs to keep their business ongoing amid the difficult economic challenges they faced during the COVID-19 outbreak. With the new platform, Orange aims to support youth, innovators, entrepreneurs and owners of medium and small enterprises, especially after The Corona pandemic, which has affected the movement of individuals and has proven the effectiveness of e-commerce as a vital option for selling and marketing.

Orange e-MALL platform already includes many businesses that benefited from the services of this unique mall in Egypt and it intends to reach with this platform to 10,000 virtual stores within the next three years.

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